Elective Options 2016-2017

It's Time to Make Your Choices!

What Elective Options are there this Year?

We are excited to share with you a preview of your choices for the year HERE!

Please Review this doc (linked) so that you can make informed choices about which electives you would like to take this year.

All electives are Semester long with the exception of Rock Band which is a year-long class.


FAQs-- For Incoming 7th Grade Students:

  • How many electives can I take in a year?
    • You can take two (2). One per semester*
    • *Rock Band is an exception as the only elective which is year-long.

  • How many periods per week are the electives?
    • One period per week

  • What if I don’t get my first choice?
    • Usually, students get their first or second choice for both semesters. Occasionally, someone will get their 3rd choice.

  • What if I want to CHANGE my elective?
    • First, you must see if there is room in the elective you want by ASKING that elective teacher directly. If there is room, usually a change can be made.
    • We ask that changes be made within the first month. We usually don’t make changes after that time.

  • When will I find out what Elective I am in?
    • When you are assigned to your classes in Schoology (August), you will see them listed in your profile.
FILL OUT THIS FORM (after reviewing pdf)

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