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Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing always need the involvement of an important strategy i.e. Link Building. One should never forget that link building constitutes an important part of search engine marketing. Being a novice in this field, you should stay away from spamming and link farming. Instead, your focus should be on valuing quality over quantity in this type of affordable SEO service . For example, if you want to build quality links for your UK based website, you should think about some popular, but easy and cheap way to get the desired results.

• Relevant Link Exchanges: You should definitely go with on-topic link exchanges along with serving your ticket to move your site up in the SERPs. However, you should always remember to prevent spamming to your link partner. Hence, you should find that your potential partner should also be looking for a link exchange willingly. Setting up your very own directory on your website will be a perfect step, specifically to your niche. In exchange to the link you are getting, you can get them link from your category to proceed with a ‘three-way link exchange’.

• Directory Submissions: Submitting your website to general niche directories may be a time consuming effort, but it reaps immense benefits for the long term. They are the most established sources of online marketing and search engine optimization. You can check end number of free web directories on the internet and make the full use of them. You can get free links on various topics through them. You can also go with the paid web directory submissions, if you have set a budget. Generally, these web directories take a long time to approve your submissions. However, this will be advantageous for you with getting back links slowly and it will tell the search engines that you are not a ‘spammer’.

• Article Submission: Using articles to be submitted to different article directories is another important source for link building. People will read your interesting and unique articles that will encourage them to visit your site ultimately. You should create targeted and on topic content. Quality articles on the targeted keywords will work best in this regard. Never forget to create location specific content. For your UK based website, your target readers should be mostly from UK to get maximum benefits.

• Forum Postings: On the internet, you can find many forums featuring your website’s niche. Usage of signature links is imperative. Forums help in building quick backlinks and they are a reputed source as well. You should also add blog commenting as a beneficial source for link building. Most of the blogs allow you to link back to your website with your comment. If you are using this approach of link building for your UK based online business, most important thing is to stay away from spamming. Always bring original, creative and informational content. Marketing, search engine optimization and link building can be time consuming, but they will bring you the desired result when done correctly and with all hard work and efforts.