Dakotah Zeigler

western riding

Western riding is what this girl is in. The saddle is what she is sitting on and the pad is set under the saddle to protect the horses back. Her feet go into the stirrups as you can see in this photo and for smaller feet, the stirrup goes at the ball of your foot. The reason is so in case your horse takes off on you your feet don't get stuck if there in all the way.

What materials do I need?

  • Pants and boots
  • Western saddle
  • Bridle
  • Saddle pad
  • Body brush
  • Hoof pick
  • Halter and lead rope
  • A finished broke horse

The simple steps of riding.

  1. Always groom your horse before you ride to check for soars or rocks in their hoofs.
  2. Put the saddle pad on the horses back right on top of the withers and just before the shoulder line.
  3. Place the saddle on the pad which is on the horses back.
  4. Now heres where you have to use your muscles! The girth strap, which is what holds the saddle down so you wont fall off. Place the leather cinch strap in the latch so its tight. Think of it as putting a belt on your horse. Next pull it upwards really tight. There should be no more or less space, of three fingers between the girth and your horses ribs.
  5. Once the saddle is completely secure, put the bridle on his/her head.
  6. A bridle has a bit, so push the bit into the horses mouth. The bit is a metal bar that is like a steering wheel for a horse.
  7. Now mount your horse.
  8. Always have your heals down toes up at all times for safety this lessens your chances of getting caught in the stir ups if your horse goes down.
  9. The reins are the ropes that are connected to the bridle right at the bit. Some reins are called split reins which are two separate pieces. The other is called full reins consisting of one solid piece.
  10. To steer your horse, pull one side of the reins to the left and push his stomach with your left foot at the same time, you do the opposite to turn to the right.
  11. To make him move give him a little tap with your heel or you can cluck to him.
  13. Once you got walking down and you trust your horse and feel comfortable with him tap him harder to work him up to a jog which is a slow trot.
  14. The harder you tap him the faster you go.
  15. Once you are done riding him you need to know how to stop, so to do this you say in a stern voice "HO", and pull back on the reins. Don't pull them up to your face, because he won't stop. Your hands, and reins need to stay by your hips at all times.
How to ride a horse. D.Z.
My experience was awesome and I Probably should have worked him a little bit more before I recorded him because he was a little frisky. Learning how to ride was the best part of my life. When I learned how to run with him it was like flying, I always had a big smile on my face and so will you. There may be a few bumps in the rode but Its normal Especially when you fall off. When I fall off Its fun for me because i am an adrenalin junkie.

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