Traveling With a Newborn 101

The essentials for car rides and outings


Types of strollers that are needed for newborns can vary based on location. If they live in the city, something sturdy is needed for traveling through the streets unlike the suburbs which need a fold-able stroller to fit in the car. Also, if there are older siblings or twins, a double stroller might be necessary. Strollers for newborns should also be able to recline because newborns cannot their head up. It is also helpful for strollers to have a wider base, so that they are less likely to tip over. A few safety tips when using strollers are: stay close to the baby, buckle the baby's straps, use breaks when stopping the stroller, and try to cover the baby's head from the sun, which is also shown in other methods of travel.
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Car Seats

Newborns should be kept in the back of the car facing backwards or "rear-facing". The newborn should also be wearing shoulder straps that are placed at or below the child's shoulders. The straps must be strait and flat with no twisting. There should always be at least one inch to the top of the car seat from the newborn's head. If the head goes over the seat, or is very close, it is time to find a new car seat.
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How to Correctly Install a Newborn Car Seat

This video shows many tips on how to place a car seat so it is the safest for the newborn. It also has a few tips on what kind of car seat to get and what you should put on it.

Dressing A Newborn

There are many things to consider when dressing a newborn. The first is that the newborn should be dressed in layers. This is very convenient when the temperature changes and the newborn soon becomes uncomfortable. The newborn's temperature will be regulated and able to adapt to the weather. Newborns should also be wearing a hat to protect the head from the sun. Hats are also able to trap the heat during cold weather. Newborns also need an extra layer then what adults or older children. The thickness of this extra layer can vary based on the weather.

Plane Rides

Plane rides should only be taken with newborns if they are absolutely necessary. However, there are some tips if you do end up flying. Try to get seated in the front of the plane if you are on a shorter flight that way it is quieter for the newborn to sleep. When there is a long flight, you might want to sit near the back for easy bathroom access. Also, newborns should be fed and burped before the flight so it is easier for them to suck and swallow. Babies can be left asleep when taking off and landing as well. Although having them awake does help with ear pressure, it is usually not a big problem. Therefore, it is best to just keep them sound asleep.
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Safe Travels!

Jenna Gonski Class 5