AVID Student Poster

By: Bahaa Fadl-Alla

What is AVID?

AVID is a class and also and acronym that stands for Advanced Via Independent Determination. They aren't supposed to make since when put together but if you think about it hard enough it does. It is all that an AVID students needs to be a successful AVID student. AVID's mission is to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society. In shorter terms it is a sort of college readiness for students who don't know what to expect and what do do when they leave high school for college.

What are the goals of AVID and if met what are the benefits of AVID?

AVID's goal is stated in the mission statement and that is pretty much to prepare you for life and everything beyond high school. As an AVID student you need to have a good complexion to everyone and you have to be successful to get the benefits from the AVID program. When you are in school you are trying to get good grades maybe for your parents or you want something in return. Well in AVID if you maintain over a C average you get to go to awesome college field trips that allow you to see the life of a college student and not only that but you have a buffet afterwards and it is amazing. You think that is the best part. Well it is. But at least it is all for free. While being in AVID you get shirts that have very clever slogans on them like this years it said "AVIDWAY GET WICOR" it was in the shape of the Subway sign. I thought it was very clever of them.

What does it do to help you maintain a C average?

Well for starters it helps you me more attentive to the classes because they require you to take C-Notes in every class. So now you will have to listen to be able to pass not only AVID but also the class you are taking notes on. Also if you talk to the AVID teacher about an upcoming test, then she will do almost anything to help the whole class understand the materials on the topic. He/She will even switch places with the teacher that the kids are confused about so the teacher could explain it themselves. One year the teacher would devote a whole day just to study for test, like the teacher would make a game like jeopardy or trivia. All the AVID teachers try their best to help you maintain in AVID.

What would the week look like?

Usually in Jefferson Middle School, the week looks like this:

Monday: Work on TRF for tutorials the next days.

Tuesday: Tutorials

Wednesday: either work from other classes or an activity in AVID

Thursday: Tutorials (and the reflection on the back of the TRF) and turn in TRF

Friday: Anything from work to watching videos depending on how the teacher feels.

You might think that sounds boring but you have to be in AVID to actually experience the fun that AVID brings you. On Monday it might not actually be the same because the teachers aren't supposed to let you work on TRFs in class but some teachers want you to get a good grade so they preserve Monday for TRF.

How will AVID help you with everything beyond high school?

You can stay in AVID through all of high school and when you are a senior or even a junior, AVID can be really useful to what you are trying to do with your life. For college AVID would look very nice on your application because it is a program just for college. Also AVID can help you get some scholarships if you have financial problems, or even to get you into a better school then you are trying to get in. The whole point of AVID is to keep you organized and ready you for college, and so far, AVID is a success.
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