The Good News

Saint John XXIII April 19, 2020

Divine Mercy Sunday-April 19, 2020

“You are my joy. You are my heart’s delight. My Child you are My delight, you are the comfort of My Heart. I grant you as many graces as you can hold. As often as you want to make Me happy, speak to the world about My great and unfathomable Mercy. You have taken a great part in My Passion; therefore I now give you a great share in My joy and glory.” (Jesus to St. Faustina, Divine Mercy in My Soul, 27, 164, 205)
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Leadership Message

Together we can, Together we will: Celebrate the Diversity

There have been a lot of memes, parodies, and funnies traveling around about coping through COVID-19, and specifically, about remote learning from home and teaching through a digital platform. We can all relate to the humour surrounding aspects of the situation and lighten up the tone now and then by giggling at ourselves through this pandemic. We laugh daily, as staff, as we navigate; Googlemeets, videos of ourselves, hilarious outtakes, and the unique coping tools we have had to come up with to keep our heads above water.

A beautiful diversity: Our Colourful Village

Joking aside, there are elements of remote teaching and learning from home that brings a vulnerability to the surface that is important to address and support. When we were together in school, one of the most beautiful aspects is the diversity. There are unique gifts, experiences, skills, and struggles that fill our classrooms and connections. We all learn how to be together in community with this beautiful diversity. Teachers and support staff, much like parents of multiple children, embrace and recognize that; no two people learn at the same time or in the same way. This is how it is supposed to be.

The platform of remote learning and teaching has pushed all of our uniqueness to the forefront. Teaching styles and tools have shown up on the “tube” and students’ homes have been opened up on Googlemeets© and GoogleHangouts© for more public scrutiny. Parents are wondering if what they are doing and how they are supporting the learning at home is going to be okay. We have listened to what each parent is trying to do to cope through this and every story is unique. We are all wondering if we are “enough”.

You are enough-It Takes a Village

We are, you are, and our kids are “enough”. We need to remember where we come from. God made each of us as a unique and wonderful masterpiece; each with our own purpose and plan for sharing our light with the world. No matter what math strategy is used or remembered, or how one parent reads a bedtime story versus another, we are enough simply because we are. So parents, please know that wherever your child comes from is a beautiful place, even in the struggles and chaos, because this is where the light gets in. In the midst of the storms is where we experience God’s tender mercy and unconditional love. No matter how hard it seems, how much it feels like failure, please reach out, and let us know how we can help. We too, are struggling and failing well. Together we can do this, Together we will-it’s our village.


Mrs. Bonnie-Lynne Boehm, Principal

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Mrs. Boehm's Weekly Challenge: Love-First, Last and Always

As we continue to find ways to keep the joy in our learning and growing together at Saint John XXIII, Mrs. Boehm will add a Weekly Challenge for you to participate in. No pressure at all please. :) We were used to taking many pictures during our school days and want to keep seeing and sharing the good news with our kids' smiling pictures! Each week there will be a simple, easily accessible from home challenge for students to participate in. Simply snap pictures of your kids engaging in the weekly challenge and send them in!

Please send your weekly challenge picture to Mrs. Boehm We will post these on our various school sites (Twitter, Facebook, and Weekly Smore).

This week's challenge: Can you spell LOVE?

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Last week's challenge: Signs of Spring (Easter) Thanks to everyone who submitted awesome Spring pics

Spring Puddles + Kids=JOY!

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New Mystery Reader Clues

Our Mystery Reader Clues for next week are:

  1. Has two children who attend Saint John XXIII school
  2. Favourite animal is a hippopotamus
  3. Loves to dance, is a tap dancer

From the Music Room of Mrs. Schaub

Hello St. John Families! I miss hearing your beautiful voices in the music room. I know many of you will want to find ways to be musical at home, so I created a website for you! On this website you can find song-based picture books, name that tune, music activities, Sing Alongs, and more! Keep singing!


Subscribe to our School Youtube channel. Our Monday assembly will be ready at 7 am tomorrow here. Linked below

OLA Parish Connection

A huge thank you to Fr. Kris, and all the ministries who planned and led the four school Easter mass on Thursday. What a joy to be able to come together and share in Easter mass as Fort Saskatchewan EICS community.

Please note the link below for Sunday masses at Our Lady of the Angels parish and a video below from Archbishop Smith.

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What do to Without the Mass | @ArchEdmonton

Coping & Connection for Children & Families During COVID-19 links and resources below: Take care of you

Parents: some resources from Saffron as we navigate the online world together: Please preview first

Internet Safety (Elementary):

My Body, My Boundaries (Healthy Relationships K-3):

Healthy Relationships (Gr. 4-6):

Time to Come In, Bear: A Children's Story About Social Distancing

Fort Saskatchewan Community Resource List:

Fort Saskatchewan Community Supports Resource List

Counselling: (via telephone)

  1. Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) (780)992-6267

  2. Primary Care Network (780)997-0046

  3. Families First Society (780)998-5595

  4. Psychologists Association of Alberta (780)424-0294

Note: First Responders Counselling Only


  1. Crisis Line 1-800-482-4357 – may need support in the interim

  2. Adult Access 24/7 (780)424-2424 – dire need, requires support asap

  3. Kids Help Phone 1-800-668-6868

Family Violence

Albertans dealing with family violence, partner abuse, sexual violence, child abuse, elder abuse, pet abuse, or financial abuse.

  • Family Violence Info Line anonymous support Call 310-1818 | 24/7 | 170+ languages

AB Health Services text message subscription to send messages of encouragement during the COVID-19 pandemic. Albertans can text COVID19hope to 393939 to subscribe.

Financial Support: (call for assistance)

  1. Alberta Supports – Income Support (780)644-9992 or

  2. Families First Steadfast Connector (587)784-1259 or email local emergency fund

Family and Youth Support: (call for assistance)

  1. Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) (780)992-6267

  2. Families First Society (780)998-5595 – support with diapers, formula, grief and family violence phone support available

  3. Boys and Girls Club (780)992-0103 – telephone and possible in person support

  4. Child and Family Services (780)992-6700

Grocery Delivery:

1. Save on Foods - (orders for FS come from 4805 167th ave Edm)

Minimum order $50 (payment by credit card) delivery charge based on order- maximum $9.95 *delivery 1 to 2 days – at this time they are experiencing very high web traffic so they encourage all that can shop in store to please do so.

2. M&M Foods Order online. Select the Fort Saskatchewan store, place your order than call the store at (780)997-0028 to make credit card payment. For e-transfer payments or requests for delivery please call Jillian (780-298-0984). Customer must be home at time of delivery.

3. Heart to Home Meals - frozen meal delivery for seniors

Grocery or Parcel Pickup:

  1. Walmart- ( A cab can pick these up and deliver as well)

Minimum order $25 Groceries $30 Non essentials (Payment by credit card)

2. No Frills - Minimum order is $30. (Payment by credit card, interact, or cash)

3. M&M Foods Select the Fort Saskatchewan store, place your order than call the store at (780)997-0028 to make credit card payment. For e-transfer or questions about process please call Jillian (780-298-0984).

4. Fort Saskatchewan Alliance Church

Grocery and Pharmacy Special Hours for Seniors and Immune Compromised

  1. CO-OP Station Square 8:00 – 9:00 am daily

  2. Freson Brothers 7:00 – 8:00 am daily

  3. No Frills 8:00 – 9:00 am Tuesday and Thursday

  4. Rexall 9:00 – 10:00 am 20% discount for seniors

  5. Safeway 7:00 – 8:00 am daily

  6. Shoppers Southfort 8:00 – 9:00 am 20% discount for seniors with Optimum Card

  7. Shoppers Westpark 8:00 – 9:00 am 20% discount for seniors with Optimum Card

  8. Walmart 7:00 – 8:00 am Monday – Friday


  • At this time Pharmacies are able to renew medications but are required to limit the amount of medications a person may order to 1 month.

  • Most Pharmacies in town already offer delivery of medications. Check with your pharmacy to see how they can be of assistance.

Food Supports:

1. Fort Saskatchewan Food Bank (780)998-4099

Office is currently closed Monday, Wednesday and Friday but open for Hamper Days on Tuesday and Thursday. Please call on those days for assistance. Must have an appointment to pick up food hamper.

2.Fort Saskatchewan Alliance Church

3. Meals on Wheels (780)992-6267 Program providing meals to seniors or those with a disability who find meal preparation difficult.

Income Tax:

At this time the Federal Government has extended the deadline for filing your personal tax returns to June 1. Details for assistance will be available in the coming months as the Families First and Pioneer House tax clinic programs are not running at this time.

Career and EI application assistance

MCG Careers Inc. is offering appointments by phone and/or email to provide career planning, job search and assistance with EI applications. To book an appointment call 587-285-8118 or email for further information visit

Subsidized programs

Shaw shared that they are supporting a program offered federally that subsidizes internet access to families. The program is called Connecting Families. See links below.

Saint John XXIII School Council News

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Our PSC executive met with Mrs. Boehm and Mrs. Hinger to engage in the School Assurance Plan process on Friday, April 17 from 1-2 pm. We will meet again this week and then, set dates for virtual school council meetings for May and June. Stay tuned.

LOOKING AHEAD...A week at a glance

Monday, April 20: Weekly Challenge: Create the word "LOVE" with items from nature or your home. Challenge extension: create our theme, "Love-First, Last and Always"

Monday, April 20:

Monday "Virtual" Assembly-live on our school Youtube channel at 7 am. Will also be sent via your child/s teacher.

Remote learning classes continue-please make sure you are connected to your child's classroom

Tuesday, April 21:

Remote learning classes continue-please make sure you are connected to your child's classroom

Wednesday, April 22:

Remote learning classes continue

Thursday, April 23:

Remote learning classes continue

Friday, April 24:

Remote learning classes continue

We want to continue sharing: Please send and share pictures from home that you are comfortable sharing in our weekly newsletters to Mrs.

It's a Great Day to be a Saint John XXIII Kid!

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