We The People

We will light the way for you!


· Cut tax rate for families making below 75,000 dollars a year 25%.

· Help small businesses become bigger to create more jobs.

· By creating jobs people will pay more taxes.

· Take plastic out of dollar bills to spend less money on China products.

(Chaney Tindle)

Health Care

· Stop health insurers from denying coverage to children age 19 and under because of a preexisting condition such as asthma or diabetes.

· Stay on your parent’s health insurance plan until age 22.

· Issue health care law waivers to all 50 states (so you can pick any health care plan you want).

(Leigh Block)


· Do everything we can to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon. (Get more troops and weapons, etc.

· Reverse the defense cuts so the military gets more supplies they need.

· Increase war strength of armed forces.

· Make all of our guns so we don’t have to spend our money in other countries.

(Anna Grace Owens)


· If schools put more information on students report card. We will give schools 1,000 dollars a year they do it.

· Change laws so students only have to repay 10% of their loans the first year.

(Chaney Tindle)

Five Reasons To Vote For Joy Knight

In Joy Knight's first term as a governor, she made 200,000 jobless men and women get the jobs they wanted.

· Joy knight saved an endangered forest by planting trees, but she also made it so no one could tear down the forest.

· She was the governor of the state of Washington for 2 terms.

  • In Washington the more information your report card holds the more money your school gets because Joy Knight made that happen.

· Joy Knight made it possible for every person in Washington to have the health care they wanted

(Anna Grace Owens)


One of the canidates is Joy Knight. She would be a great first, girl, republican president. Her running mate Mary Jones thinks she can make the world a better place with Joy Knight and the rest of their party. Other people in her party like Whitney Logan is great at making things that are extremely hard possible. This party has great ideas and works together very well. Remember We Will Light The Way For You!

(Chaney Tindle)

The Convention

Monday, Nov. 5th 2012 at 8:15-9am

Times Square

New York, NY

Come to the We The People Convention. Joy Knight will share with you why you should vote for her for president. Also, other people will support her in what she needs to say.

(Leigh Block)