Do drugs really make you "cool"?

Ecstasy: It can and will kill you.

Ecstasy: Party Hard or Die Hard?

Many believe that taking a drug will not kill them just because the said drug didn't kill their friend(s). Some people are taking drugs and have for many years. Others have died from these drugs. The people taking these drug are all saying "that won't happen to me, I'll be fine" What they are unaware of what it is doing to their body and brain. These drugs they are taking are killing themselves every time they take this drug.

One of the more popular drugs that the ignorant members of this society are ecstasy.

The Visual effects are ecstasy are:

  • Colors not looking the same
  • Things are very bright to the eye
  • if staring at something for a long period of time it while start to morph
  • Milder than hallucinogens
  • Spinning, glowing lights in the dark mesmerize you
Social effects

  • Feel very intimate
  • Nice to everyone
  • Really feel good about yourself, and is very accepting and loving.
  • You feel at one with everyone and the world
Physical effects

  • touching feels great
  • Showering is amazing
  • your pupils become dilated
  • feels the need to suck on things (carry lollipops and pacifiers)
  • stays awake for hours and does not get tired
  • eyes start moving on their own
Other effects

  • Increased appreciation of music

Short term effects

  • Changes brain chemistry
  • Changes in behavior

Long term effects

  • Changes in brain structure
  • Changes in behavior
  • Holes in brain