Germain Pilon

Born 1528 in Paris, France- Died 1590 in Paris, France

Pilon's life

Most of his life was spent in Paris but he did sculptures all over France. Germain developed an independent art style that combined realism and emotional intensity. He was also the sculptor to the king starting in 1570.

His Art

He sculpted many things for different people he carved statues for the queens garden, made a monument for King Henry II, he made bronze busts, portraits, worked on velos chapel and made a sculpture of The Virgin Mary.



-The Biraque Family

-King Charles IX

Training and Education

Pilon was a sculptor who trained in the Italianate mode of Fontainebleau, he may have been the pupil of the sculptor Pierre Bontemps, and he was highly influenced by Francesco Primaticcio.

The Virgin Mary

Made in 1585-1590, France

-Now located in The Metropolitan Museum of Art

-It is significant because it is a religious piece and people were very focused on religion at the time it was created

-It took a lot of artistic techniques

-I find it interesting that he finished this piece the year of his death

-It is perspectivism because it is focused on religion