Mrs. G's Classroom News

September 23, 2016

Classroom Management

We had a great week! Students are demonstrating positive learning behaviors and we are starting to really accomplish a lot during the school day! International Dot Day was a success and the kids had a great time. We were creative and had fun! The goal of this occasion was to let the students know that in my third grade classroom, creativity and strong effort is encouraged. I think they definitely got the message!

On Thursday afternoon, after observing my students at the end of the day, I discovered that many of them are feeling a little anxious about getting out to the bus on time. Our schedule (which unfortunately I have no control over) does have us ending special at 3:45 and the bell rings at 3:50. This does not give the kids very much time to grab their stuff and go. However, I make sure that we are mostly packed up before we leave to our special class so we aren't scrambling too bad. I have tried to tell the students that there is no need to hurry and the busses will not leave without them. I am hoping in the near future they can relax and understand that it is not a race. I just hate to end the day with them feeling frustrated and stressed out. If you could please talk to your child about this issue and reassure them that there is no need to feel rushed. I promise to get them where they need to be on time and no one will be left here at school to parish! LOL!

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Writing Workshop

We worked hard this week in writing. We took our timeline and wrote several sentences for each event we had listed for our personal narrative to expand our writing. We also inserted internal details and descriptive details. Our rough drafts look pretty messy right now, but they will be magnificent by the end of the unit!


In math this week we explored elapsed time. This is a difficult concept for third graders. We shared strategies that work to help us figure out elapsed time problems including an open number line. We also learned about using tally marks to collect data and how to create bar graphs to represent data. I am proud of the many students who did their homelinks this week. If you didn't get to them yet, no worries - just hand them in next week!
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Reading Workshop

In reading workshop we discovered that treating our books like they are gold (or a precious treasure) really helps with appreciating the time we get to read books we love. We also learned about choosing the just right book to make sure our reading levels can keep improving. Lastly we learned that looking back at our online reading logs through can help us discover when reading is good for us and help us make goals for our future reading. All students have been reading choice books at this point in reading workshop. Soon we will experience reading groups where we will also read selected reading pieces so I can work with students in a small group setting.

Word Work

I can tell that students are really understanding the hungry rule for our word week unit this week. This rule states, "The closed syllable is one of the six syllable types. It consists of one vowel followed by one or more consonants. The vowel sound is short. A closed-syllable may have a Super-Sized Spelling. These spellings are used in one syllable words for certain sounds that come after a short vowel: -ck for /k/, -tch for /ch/, -dge for /j/." The students did the pretest and discover it Monday, Sort-it Tuesday, Think about it Wednesday and Study-it Thursday. They also participated in some online games to help them spell the words for our list on If you haven't had a chance to check out this learning game website do so soon. Your child's username and password is in their agenda!

Science / Social Studies

We had the chance to switch two times this week for our social studies and science lessons. In science we watched a Brainpop Jr. video about sound and took notes. We also experienced our first science stations and explored the concept of sound. We used to learn about sound waves with text and video. We used an Epic book and displayed it on the big screen and took turns reading the non-fiction text all about sound. We used the Ipad app called, "Sound Uncovered" and saw what types of sound waves are made with a high pitch, low pitch, soft sound and loud sound. We talked about vocabulary words that deal with sound and did experiments with tuning forks and homemade instruments! WOW! We will continue these stations next week so all students will experience each activity.

In social studies Mrs. Allen taught about what makes a state in our country. They also had the opportunity to see that we belong to a continent, country, state, and city. The kids are really enjoying learning from Mrs. Allen.

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