Drinking messes with your thinking

Tinker with liquor you flicker out like a light


Alcoholism is a chronic disease. Alcoholis most likly give people poor self-concept. They also have not a lot of confidence thier abilities. People may get alicoholism by there enviroment or, if they grew up around alcoholics. Once alcoholics start drinking they cant stop. Did you know that doctors prefer calling alcoholism alcoholism alcohol dependence.

Short Term Effects On Abusing Alcohol

These are some short term effects of alcohol. Slows down some parts of the brain. Controls how a person feels. It might blur a persons vision. It might give irritation to the small intestine. It might gives you lose of muscle contral. It might also lead to vomiting.


BAC is a short term effect on effect of alcohol. BAC is the amount of alcohol in your blood. There are many factors of BAC. First, How much a person drinks. Secondly, how fast a person drinks. Thirdly, the weight of a person. Lastly, the physical condtion. These all will effect you a lot.