Mr. O'Neil's Room 20

The happenings of Grade 6

Welcome Back!

We had an awesome week back after the break from Natures Classroom and our relaxed week here in school. We had a nice week where we visited the Graveyard and did some grave rubbings. We also visited the Water Department to learn how the water makes its way to our classroom, and we capped it off when we had delicious pizza at Jim' Pizza.


We wrapped up our Volcano projects this week with some amazing presentations. Lots of scientific knowledge being explained with tectonic plates.
Going forward we will be studying Heat Energy, insulation, conductors, and the like. We will be making connections and examining Non-Fiction Text Features, such as captions, insets, and the like and how it can build our comprehension.


In math this past week we analyzed our Math Assessment and reflected as a whole class on how we can make positive progress in our learning. The repeated exposure of the days lesson with homework is a key component to re-enforcing the ideas presented in class. It allows for students to practice more and become more comfortable with a concept. We have adjusted our Math class some where we start with a review of the homework. Having students show their work on the board allows the whole class to reflect on and correct their work and find their mistakes.

We finished up with converting decimals to fractions and back and examining their placement on a horizontal number line. Moving forward this coming week we will be exploring multiplication of fractions and well as solving real world problems with fractions and decimals and the Order of Operations. PEDMAS.

Students who have signed up for the free program Khan Academy have been starting to take a skill review which will allow them to practice skills until they master them. If you have not done so, I ask that you sign up for the program and add our class to the roster.

Coach's code: WYSA72

Not only a great review site, it is also a great place to look up videos if students forgot how to do a certain function or process.

Not So Spooky Night

Tuesday, Oct. 27th, 6pm

10 High School Drive

North Brookfield, MA

Wear your PJs and come in for a great night of Literacy in the Library!