A history

The Beggining

Fusajiro Yamauchi started Nintendo in Kyoto Japan in 1889. The company Started by making cards for the card game Hanafuda, they made the company for entertainment.


When Nintendo first started out it was a small card selling business in Kyoto Japan. It changed around 1983 when Nintendo of Japan first home console came out, it was called the famicom. 2 years later Nintendo of America came out with their 8 bit home console the Nintendo Entertainment system. In the later years they came out with more consoles such as the Game boy handhelds, The Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo 64, and the GameCube. What are they like today? Well they are a popular company that make fun games,cards, and even more consoles. Before they were a small card company. Now they are a popular company that makes collectibles, cards, and gaming systems.

What would life be without Nintendo, What was its impact on society

What would life be without Nintendo and how did it change society? It changed the game industries by its popular game franchises such as Legend of Zelda, Mario, Animal Crossing, and Pokemon or in Japan Pocket Monsters. If Nintendo was not started we wouldn't have kid friendly games and their collectibles.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Commercial

Interesting information

Nintendo had some interesting facts. Nintendo is now a family business, Yamauchi passed it down to his daughter and her husband, Yamauchi made the cards handmade, Yamauchi retired at the age 70 and died 15 years later, Nintendo made some prototype toys such as the Nintendo love tester and the ultra machine, and they also attempted to make a hotel and cab business.

Best Selling Products

Their best selling product was the Wii, winning the console wars against Sony and Microsoft with a amazing 100 million units of the Wii sold worldwide. The most important item sold is the Mario bros. franchise. Super Mario bros. is very popular because it is Nintendo's mascot and it also was their first NES game. The newest Mario game is the Mario Maker where you build your own Mario world and then play on it.