By:Jenna Doss

How do tornadoes form?

Most tornadoes are form by thunderstorms, also when hot and cold air mix it makes a tornado. They can be up to 2-6 miles long. There is a invisible thing in the air and that is the tornado forming.

When and where do tornadoes occur?

Tornadoes occur in the u.s more than any other states. But they mostly occur in Tornado Alley. Tornadoes like flat ground more than hill grounds because, when a tornadoes goes up a hill it loses energy. The Geography of Central Park is the Great Plains and that is Tornado Alley.

How do people usilly survive a tornado atack?

You need to get in your basement get under a table. Or something that you can get under. So that is how you can survive a tornado attack.

What is a dust devil?

A dust devil is a tornado but smaller and more harmless. They form from sun late mornings and early afternoon hours. They are mostly harmless. They come from breezy deserts. That is what a dust devil is.
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