Team 6B Newsletter

April 24, 2015 ***Important Announcements Below***

ELA--Mrs. Swisher

This week we have finished up two very big and important projects. One was an editorial that my students wrote over their opinion on year-round schooling, and the other was their Book Talk Project. Both of these assignments were due this week, and the latest I will except them is Tuesday, April 28th, as that is my last day before my maternity leave starts. Next week, all students will be taking the math portion of the state assessments. If your child has earbuds, please encourage them to take them to school, as they will need them for testing. If they do not have a pair, one will be provided for them. The ELA portion of the state assessment with take place on May 7th and May 8th.

As I head towards my last few days with my 6th grade kiddos, I want to thank you, as parents, for being such an encouragement and support to me and to your child. You are much appreciated!!

Social Studies - Mrs. Barron

This week in Social Studies we finished up our unit on Rome. Students really enjoyed this topic learning about Gladiators, Julius Caesar and Roman mythology. After MAP testing we will start out last unit over the Middle Ages. This unit will talk about Knights, castles and much much more. Only 20 days left!! Please keep up on your student's grade so they can finish the year as successful as possible.

Science - Ms. Peterson

We have delved into our final unit of the year on Rocks and Minerals and Our Changing Earth. This is always a fun unit as students generally have considerable background knowledge from personal experience and elementary school. Many students have rocks and minerals that they have brought in to show the class!

Please encourage your students not to "give up" on doing their personal best as the end-of-the-year excitement grows. We will be learning up until the final day and expect our students to continue doing their best every day.

Math - Ms. Neely

We have enjoyed getting to know Ms. Neely who is substituting for Mrs. Finger. If you need to contact Ms. Neely regarding math, please email her at:


--MAP testing: Math on April 27&28. ELA on May 7&8. Please ensure your student is well-rested for these days and eats a healthy breakfast. If your student has earbuds he or she can bring, we encourage them to do so. If not, that is okay as we will provide them with a pair for testing.

--Progress Reports for 4th Quarter are being sent home Friday, April 24. Please review this with your student!

--Miles of Smiles: Please see the attachment included with this email for information about the Miles of Smiles program which provides FREE dental care to children in the Northland who do not have access to dental care.