How did camp life change the prisoners as a person, a family, and relation ships with other human beings?

Camp life was very tough for the prisoners. Not only was it tough physically but mentally as well. It changed them as a person by giving them different views in life and changing the way they think. It changed them as a family by bringing them closer to each other and making them realize how much they meant and needed each other. The camp changed their relationships with other humans by making them not care as much about others and some might go as far as to call them inhumane.

What does this novel reveal about you as a human being?

This novel revealed that I am very fortunate as a person. While other people have nothing to eat or a place to sleep and have to look and work hard for that, it is just handed over to me. It showed me that I don't really have any idea what happens in the real world and that I am blind.

Three Themes