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It's a New Year 2017

Let's take the New Year momentum and go

Are you ready to start 2017 fresh? I can't wait to get going. First thing I am doing is starting with #MyBigPicture I am ready to put down in writing my thoughts and goals for 2017. I know that I can change them at any time, but for now I am going to dream big and enjoy the journey. Here is the link print this out and let me know you are on board and we will go together!

The call for #MyBigPicture

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We all need a mentor/coach

Guess what I have a life coach and a C+I mentor that I talk to regularly. Why? because it helps me grow into the person I know that is inside. You need one too. I am offering free advice to you on your business and how that fits into your life. I've studied self growth for 15 years and have been through a ton of struggles throughout. If it's your time to put yourself first, then let's talk!

Semi Annual Sale

Did you know about this? Its goes until January 9th. This is a great way to introduce to people who haven't shopped before and to add pieces to those that have. Check out this Semi Annual Sale guide to help make sure you are on the right track.

It's time to SOAR

Why SOAR? because you deserve it. It's a blast and you will learn so much that will ignite your business. The hotel is amazing, food terrific, like minded people. Write it off on your taxes. It is just awesome!!Find out all the details here.

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Team Sales

Last month we were at $4,766.22 and guess what we are almost at $100,000. That's a big team milestone. We are at $96,383. Can't wait to hit it!