Principal Tornopsky's News

We are all an essential piece!

Principal's Point of View

We are two thirds of the way through the first quarter and school has been filled with learning, laughter and technology. It is wonderful to walk into any classroom and see the learning going on. Parents can check PowerSchool daily and see the progress of their student at any moment. No need to wait for the progress report, look and see how great your student did on their test in real time.

Have you followed our Face Book page? Franklin Academy Charter Schools has a FB page filled with photos of our students and faculty having a lot of fun. You will see pictures of science experiments, the enrichment clubs, or even doing some team building activities. We try to make the learning fun, so that the students stay engaged and happy.

The technology part is a little bit more challenging. Not the technology at school, but more the technology the students are using at home or on their phone when no one sees them. Did you know that you need to be 13 to have a Snap Chat account? Of course students can create them and say they are 13, but parents should have all passwords and log-ins for their students phone and the Apps they are using.

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Upcoming Events

Please check our website for our calendar of events using this link:

When you see an event that you must attend, simply click on it and it can be added to your Google or Outloook calendar. If the event is underlined, then there is a flyer linked to it as well.

Simply click on it and the flyer will open up with more information.

Come watch the girls volleyball championship playoffs on October 16th at our Palm Beach Gardens campus, starting at 4:30 PM. Our volleyball team is undefeated and it would be nice to come and support them in the playoffs.

IB PYP Update

This month the IB Learner Profile is Balanced. We understand the importance of balancing different aspects of our lives—intellectual, physical, and emotional—to achieve well-being for ourselves and others. We recognize our interdependence with other people and with the world in which we live. I will be looking for students who exhibit this learner profile for the month of October.

Great Things I Recently Noticed on Campus

Clubs are up and running:
  • Mrs. Hegele has a ceramics club, where they are making pottery
  • Mrs. Flick is painting rocks with the students
  • Mrs. Cooney gets to make and play with Slime in her club
  • Ms. Persky baked cinnamon buns with her club
  • Do you know what Anime is? If not, your student does. Send them to club with Mr. Roselli
  • There are several physical fitness clubs: Zumba, Dodgeball, T-Ball, Running, and sports
  • Mrs Stavisky has a jewelry making and pillow design club too

If you want your student to do something fun for an hour after school and maybe learn some new skills, please look at our clubs and enrichments on our website.