Tokyo's Volcanic Response Plan

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Tokyo is known for both human and physical characteristics. Some human characteristics of Tokyo is their famous food called sushi, Sumo Wrestling, Trains & Subways, Disneyland and the Tokyo Tower. Some physical characteristics of Tokyo is the huge amount of volcanoes they have throughout the whole country and their city lies in the Pacific Ring of Fire.
Tokyo's main land forms are mountains and valleys. Their climate is pretty mild & warm throughout spring- fall but at winter, it's a little bit cooler but not as cold as compared to Mississauga. If you look at Tokyo's Precipitation, most of the time they have heavy rainfall but sometimes Tokyo could be pretty dry.

Volcanoes in Japan

In just a small country, Japan has about 118 volcanoes and approximately 100 are active. This is a big issue and with this many amount of volcanoes in Japan. Tokyo is still affected by this although there are no volcanoes. The last Volcanic Eruption in Japan took place in September 27th, 2014 and without warning around 50 Japanese hikers were killed and some got recovered.

Watch Video of Mount Ontake Eruption


We can't really prevent or stop volcanic eruptions from happening but we could prevent people getting harmed by a volcanic eruption. One way to prevent people getting harmed by a volcanic eruption is kind of preparedness process which we will be talking about later. It's called preparedness because when you are preparing for a natural disaster, that means protecting yourself from being harmed when a natural disaster takes place.


According to science, climate change can actually increase the rate of volcanic eruptions. But How??? Basically the more hotter it gets, the more the sea level rises and when sea level rises it might increase the rate of volcanic eruptions. Also some vegetation are actually barriers of specific natural disasters. If we don't cut down natural vegetation, we could have more and better barriers to mitigate natural disasters from taking place.


Japanese could make their own evacuation and shelter plan so that when a volcanic eruption takes place, they are already prepared to evacuate. Also to prepare for this, Japanese could set up an emergency kit for their families. The best way to prepare to protect Japanese people from or in Tokyo is that to follow local officials. The Japanese could also have more volcanic eruption forecasting on weekly basis so that people know in advance if a volcano is getting ready for an eruption or not. A good way to prepare for something is to practice it like you can run practice drills with your family to see if you're ready for the volcanic eruption.


The first response Japanese should have when a volcanic eruption occurs, you should be protecting yourself and family by evacuating the area immediately. But as for police officer and for mayor, they should help everyone take their stuff and evacuate them to a safe area which kind of falls into preparedness which we discussed earlier.


When a volcanic eruption is done, then all the people who evacuated the area should work together to rebuild or construct the area. What you could also do is that ask from neighboring cities and other areas to help you provide some food, water and shelter and help those people first who got injured from the incident and you can still rebuild the area together as a team with less problems. Also with the help of other people from that incident, you could have more people to rebuild the area which can be done faster. To impact the recovery, we could get some water from rivers or oceans and plant some vegetation to fulfill those necessary needs.
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