Isa Morón

from Seville

About me

My name is Isa. I´m from Seville I´ve lived here since I was born.

I have one younger sister who is married but I don´t have any cousins at the moment.

I have very common hobbies like reading books, going to the cinema. I love going to the beach. A perfect summer day finish seeing the sunset with a good book and why not ? a good company too.

I like football and I´m going to the stadium to support them.

I love travelling. I went to Norway, Italy, Caribbean, and I have two next trips, Scotland and New Zealand because I want to visit my good friends from there.

I love music especially from the eighties. Spandau Ballet is my favourite band although I like all music from this age.

I´m very sociable and I like going out with my friends to have tapas or everything. I like meeting new people. Al the beggining I´m a little shy but it´s only at the first time.

I can tell you that I have many good friends.

Why I study English?

Two years ago I lost my job and I had to start again after 13 years working in the same place. English was an important request to find a job, so I decided start studying.

After two year, this decision changed completely my life. New friends, new lifestyle and now new job.

Yes, I´m sure that I prefer my life now because I feel happy!