Mental Health Careers


Education: Biology, English, Sociology & Anthropology, Medicine and Dentristry. Tasks: Assist and care for others, communicate with supervisors, peer, communicate with people outside the organization, provide advice to others. Responsibilities: Study cognitive emotional, and social humans. Salary: $177,520 per year. Personal Qualities: Spend many hours working with indivisuals, be able to precribe medicine or provide treatments


Education: Psychology, English, Therapy, Personal Services, Sociology.Tasks: Assist and care for others, make decisions and solve probles, communicate with people outside the organization, and provide addvice for others.Resposibilities: Listen to others, read and understand written information.Salary: $65,850 per year $31.66 hourly.Personal Qualities: Work under preasure.

Mental Therapist

Education: Highschool diploma, Masters degree, Mental health counselling of social work.Tasks: Get information needed to do the job, organize plan and prioritize work. Responsibilities: Develope clients, review, and talk with medical personel to evaluate indivisuals. Salary: $35,780 yearly and $17.20 hourly. Personal Qualities: Keep people calm.

Mental Health Counselor

Education: Psychology, Therapy, English, and Philosophy.Tasks: Establish and maintain relationships, organize and plan work, and resolve conflicts.Responsibilities: Listening to others, Bring people together, and solving problems.Salary: $60,300 yearly and $28.99 hourly.Personal Qualities: Keep good attitudes.