Winsor Faculty Update

Mid September Edition

Off to a Great Start

It has been so nice to welcome back our students. Routines are functioning smoothly and all of the students look very comfortable and happy to be at school. This is a tribute to the culture we have built and maintained together. A part of this is due to the use of the Responsive Classroom approach. In numerous, individual conversations with staff, teachers have expressed how being trained has made such a difference in how they view interactions with students. Please take a few minutes to read this brief article on highlighting academics while building an inclusive culture. I think this encapsulates the value that RC brings in both the academic and affective domains.

Book Club

It is not too late to sign up for our Responsive Classroom Book club. Please join the other Winsor staff members that have already signed up. We will be meeting on the following dates:

Tuesday, September 17th

Thursday, October 17th

Tuesday, November 19th

All sessions will take place in the library. We will begin at 3:15pm. Our selection this year is entitled Interactive Modeling.

Growth Mindset

It has been great to see some of our teachers using the Growth Mindset approach within the classroom. To refresh your memory, a Growth Mindset empowers students to learn through grit and persistence. Challenging tasks build resilience and encourage students to continuously grow through accomplishing challenging tasks. I have attached a link to a brief article that discusses how teachers can incorporate a Growth Mindset into their interactions with students. Please take a few minutes to read and reflect upon this piece.

Collins Writing

We've already picked up where we left off last year! Many classrooms have already had lots of fun with Type 1 and Type 2 writing. Type 1, in particular, is a great way to preview or launch content, an interesting way to gain some valuable information about what background information students posses. I've seen students challenging themselves: trying to come up with lots of great information in a very short time. As we will be using Intervention Block for writing, I've included a link to help our staff determine the best FCAs:

Please know I'm here to help support you through this process.

Weekly Blurb to Families

In an effort to ensure that our families have information celebrating all of the great things that are happening at Winsor while also respecting all the competing priorities that our faculty has, I'm asking that the Friday blurb be constructed by my feedback one week, followed by individual/grade updates the next week. Functionally, that would mean that class/grade blurbs be done on the teacher level twice per month. As I have done the first two blurbs, please have your grade/class blurb to me not later than the close of school this Friday, September 13th. Thank you in advance!

Upcoming Dates

Tuesday, September 17th- RC Book Session #1

Thursday, September 19th- Open House

Friday, September 20th- Fire Safety Assemblies

Tuesday, September 24th- PTO Meeting

Thursday, September 26th- School Improvement Team Meeting

Friday, September 27th- Grade 5: Flag Folding Program

Thank you for all that you do for our students. Your efforts are equal parts noticed and appreciated.