Custom Tote Bags

Endless Options To Personalize Your Own Custom Tote Bags

There are many different sizes and styles of totes on the market. They are even made from several different materials. While this makes for a vast number of options, many choose to have their bags customized in some way to make them unique. There are several methods and reasons for creating custom tote bags.

One of the easiest methods is by having a bag monogrammed. This may include either the owner's name or just the initials. How the monogramming is done may depend on the material from which the bag is made. Cloth or canvas bags can be embroidered or screen printed. Leather bags can have the letters burned in or specially tooled into the leather.

Many people add one or more personal photos to their bags. These may be photos of themselves, their children or other relatives, or beloved pets. The process used to transfer the photos is best suited to cloth and canvas, but can be used with other materials with care. This guarantees the uniqueness of the totes.

There are other things that one can do after obtaining a bag to personalize it. Adding beads, sequins, or other items in whatever pattern is desired can be done. One can also take a plain bag and draw on it with indelible ink. There are certainly more ways than these to customize totes, many of them better done at home than commercially.

There are nearly as many methods of customization as people to carry the totes. One thing common to all of these people is a strong desire to take something and make it unique to them so that it could never be confused with someone else's even if they started out similar. This desire helps drive the number of options available.

Customized bags are also often used to make a fashion statement. This is because they are accessories that chosen to accent certain outfits. Custom totes set the owner apart because they are unique accessories. They make many outfits, even those that are bought off the rack, appear to be unique, even when they are not, which helps owners establish their own fashion sense with the given outfit.

Customized totes are perfect for giving to family and friends. Business managers may also give them to employees as recognition awards for certain services or milestones. These can include the company logo along with the initials or name of the recipient.

They may also be customized with company logos or other advertising information for promotional reasons. They can be given away to clients or potential clients when making sales calls. Radio stations often give away such items to listeners who win certain contests on the air or at a special event promoting other businesses.

Customizing a tote is relatively easy to have done. Having them customized serves a range of different reasons. These include making one's own fashion statement, commemorating special pets, fun with friends, or loving family moments. Businesses also give them away to promote their business. No matter why the tote is customized, it will be sure to leave a lasting memory.