Finding Comfort in Courage

What is yours

Sips of Comfort

Calm and relaxing as you bundle up with your favorite drink taking in the change in the season. Filled with wonderful colors and sounds as nature is preparing for what is yet to come. The air is crisp and feels great, there is a spring in your step as you welcome each new day. I'll remind to stop for a moment of your business and take in your surroundings. Appreciate what lays before you as it can all change in a moment and without notice.

Gifts of Courage

I'm on this mission, I stay on this mission year 'round and I invite everyone I know in some way to be a part of it.
I know you all must get real tired of me, but that is what I do and who I am.
So here I go again, how many of you are willing to give your support to help me meet this goal of getting these poufs into the hands of some remarkable women on this life altering journey of a survivorship?
lf your answer is yes, send a response with your name, ask me for details and let's make it happen.
I can't make it any simpler than that.
I need you help to accomplish this task at this moment in time.
I'm on this mission, I stay on this mission year 'round, you are not obligated or judged.
Each of these will be given to a woman that is in treatment and personally delivered to her. LMK

October is critical to many as they get mammograms, diagnosed, begin treatment, with your help we can give something positive to a negative chain of events.
But I ask as that is all I can do.

Pouf/pouch any one?

How can you support?

By clicking the link above - My Gift of Courage you can purchase any of the items shown and it will be given to a person currently in treatment. I will take the commission from the purchase and fill all poufs with essentials and treats for these women.

Empowering them to forge ahead on this journey by giving them another piece of HOPE, knowing that others are pulling for them too.

A personal note will be attached to each gift on your behalf.

Won't you consider giving this gift unto another?

Supporting Women

Stella & Dot is all about empowering and supporting women live their life's dream no matter what that may be.

I'm focused and passionate about advocacy for women on this journey in the fight to survive a diagnosis. This campaign is ongoing as those being diagnosed is ongoing. The purpose of this campaign to give them much needed support and HOPE.

I hope you will join us.