(Cassie's Computer Land)

What is CCLAND?

CCLAND is a country of 218.4 million people between the United States, Mexico, and South America that is lead by leader Cassie Eilers. She controls every thing you do, so it's best you stay on her good side. She also controls everything in the government, the people of CCLAND have no say in the government. CCLAND government is based out of the central agency because Cassie is the only leader no one else has a say in what goes on. People of CCLAND respect and follow Cassie very well resulting in no conflicts or problems. A lot of people even kiss up to her because they know she will pick someone someday to take over the country when she passes.

Why You Should Live in CCLAND!

You should live in CCLAND because CCLAND creates and exports desktop computers, laptops, cell phones, house phones, TVs, and some of the new cars with computers built in them. It is very easy to work since almost all of CCLAND works in factory's making and exporting computers. Some requirements though is that if you don't work in a factory you must find a job else where, if you are able you are required to work. An example would be that if your healthy, young, and in good shape you should be working, but if your old, not healthy, and can't get around well CCLAND understands and doesn't require you to work.

Main rules CCLAND has

  • You will work if able
  • You follow all rules Cassie has
  • No leaving the country unless you have special permission
  • You eat, breathe, sleep computers- computers are your main focus

Allies and Enemies

CCLAND has many allies but a few big ones are the US and Canada because we create and export their electronics, we are a huge part in how they get their computers. Another is China because we work together with the electronics, they make the accessories and we make the devices. CCLAND also has some enemies also though. Those would be North Korea because we can't get along with their leader and Syria because CCLAND is not a fan of terrorism.

Major Cities

Some major cities CCLAND has is CC City, CC Electronica, and CC Cell. The country is mainly cities and few rural places. 3/4 of the county work in factory's so they live in the cities that they work in. The other 1/4 work in local stores or work for Cassie herself.