Marine Biologist

By: Elena Muñoz


To be a marine biologist you need to have a bachelor's degree in geology also a masters degree or a doctorate degree at field. Marine biologist are trained to take on projects , marine plants and animals , chemical and biological projects. They have to take on a series of general educational courses to train and get ready to dive into the sea and take on anything they need to under the water. To be a marine biologist you need to be experienced , for example having degrees in oceanography , chemistry.

Job description

Marine biologist are involved in research and analysis in relations to the ocean. They use information gained to help predict the weather , and many more things that are important to people on earth. They set up experiments , take samples from the ocean to experiment on , they make new equipment for the oceans and for the scientist came make new hypothesis.


A marine biologists average salary is about 77,630 dollars , There salary starts from 39,700 and can increase up to 124,680 dollars . The amount of money a marine biologist makes depends on what there education is , what there experience is , what there location is .

It also depends on what they have discovered or learn while being a marine biologist.

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