Accessible Math

April 2019

NCTM Annual Meeting & Equity

I didn't have the opportunity to attend the NCTM Annual Meeting in San Diego, but I am super excited about the work being done around equity. You can view the five speakers featured at #ShadowCon2019 on this Facebook video. Here's the fun part! Everyone can participate in the follow-up through a virtual learning opportunity by registering through this Google form. I am joining the conversation with Dionne Aminata Samb because her approach to equity really touched my heart and made me think about taking action and what I should be doing beyond thinking differently. It's my newest "one small thing".

Remaining dates for 18/19 & potential dates for 19-20

Registration is now OPEN for all 2018-19 courses. Dates for 2019/20 are still tentative.

We can also schedule a 60-90 minute personalized session with a group of teachers from your building or district on a variety of topics: Word Problems & Fluency Interventions, Math Language Routines- elementary or secondary, Teaching Math through Writing, Teachers & NWEA, and Math Recovery implementation.

  • SDI Math for Emergent Learners October 16, 2019 OR March 12, 2020
  • SDI Math for Conventional Learners August 13th OR January 16, 2020
  • Supporting Diverse Learners in Secondary Mathematics June 26 & 27
  • Building Thinking Classrooms - Co-teaching Mathematics August 16 OR December 18th
  • Math Trajectories for Alternate Assessment- 2 DAY course- October 2 & November 14, 2019 OR January 9 & February 19, 2020

Save me a date?

Here's a link to reserve time for me to come to you! . New dates will continue to be added throughout the year. Once you sign up for a time slot, you will receive confirmation email and request for a little information about your priorities for our time together: individual students, whole/small group instruction, targeted intervention, data & assessment, or "name your own" focus.