Pitbulls 'n People

Pitbulls are like people.

My Stance on the Topic

I believe that people treat pit bulls the way the just by there looks. Pit bulls have this horrible reputation about being the worst behave and dangerous dogs in the world even the universe. Dogs act how they are by the way they are treated and raised. If they are raised by the worst person in the world and in the worst conditions, of coarse they are going to be hostile and scared. But if they are loved and cared for they will not have a problem in the world. Of coarse they are those rare occasions out there, but those happen once in a blue moon. I like any dog. Okay maybe not those hairless ones, those just scare me. Oh and Chihuahuas, I do not know what it is about them, but hey there are people out there that love them along with those hairless ones.

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