The Whoo Crew News

Mid-March Edition


WOW, WOW, WOW! Right now we have the quickest rise in PV since we became a team! We have some motivated ladies. We currently have over $4600 CTV and growing!! I will post the standings of our March Incentive as of 3/13/14.

Sales Tip

"Ask for referrals! Repeat these five words to everyone, "Who else do you know"" Who else do you know who would love to create a Locket" Ask and watch your business grow! ~
Tracey Vlahos, Director of Regional Sales, West Region

How to find something on Facebook

Go to the right hand side of our team page. Click on the magnifying glass and enter keywords to find what you are looking for.

Top 3 Designers

Spring Cleaning

Taking the time to clean out your display and jewelry will keep your table looking fresh and up to date and what a great time to do it, right before a new launch! Now, I DON'T mean go and buy all new items and spend lots of money. There are a few things that can spruce up your display without draining the bank.

- A price they can't refuse!
  • Why not put your {Vintage} jewelry in a special place at your JB with a sign that says "Vintage jewelry not available in catalog or online". People love what they or anyone can't get.
  • Buy 2 Get 1 Free charms
  • Everyone likes a discount, so why not mark them down?

Teal and White

Here are the current requested looks for our table displays.
  • The use of Teal, Pure White, and Burlap.
  • Charm holders/dishes that are open for customers to touch and pick up.
  • Pure White Owl

Less is more, you don't have to have everything we offer on your table. The middle picture is a display that only uses the jewelry we receive in our kits.