Determination Daily

The Journey Through Hardships

Lizzie Velasquez

How would you feel if you were voted ugliest woman alive? Lizzie Velasquez was voted the ugliest woman alive. Lizzie was only 17 and found a YouTube video called "The World's Ugliest Woman,"when she opened the video she was not expecting to see herself, she was then cyber bullied on her social media being called the ugly, a freak, etc. Lizzie has a disease that is like progeria but that condition is terminal and has more complications than what she experiences, Lizzie was born with no fat and does not have the cells to support body fat. Lizzie was also born with one eye completely blind and the other partially blind. There are two people in the world with this condition including herself. The most that Lizzie ever weighed is 64 pounds. Lizzie's still struggling not knowing what her disease that she has is called and with cyberbullies ruining life. She now has her own documentary about her called the Lizzie Project, is an inspiring speaker, and anti bullying.

Bethany Hamilton

If you had your arm bitten off how would you feel? Bethany Hamilton got attacked by a shark while surfing and was rushed to the hospital when she woke up her arm was gone. She was told that she couldn’t surf ever again. People thought that this shark attack ruined her future,but what they didn’t know was that Bethany had faith and believed that God did this to her for a reason. Even though it was hard for Bethany to surf on a regular board Bethany’s problem was that she couldn’t hold on to the board when it was going underwater. Bethany’s solution was to have her father build a surfboard that she could hold on to with one arm. Bethany was back and surfing amazingly on his new board after 3 weeks. Even though Bethany went through all these adversity's she still stayed determined to get back in the water.

Nick Vujicic

How do you think your life would be different of you were born with no limbs? Nick Vujicic is a man that was born without limbs. Nick started his life off going to church every Sunday but questioning if God really loved him, he thought if God really loves me then why did he let me be born with no arms or legs. When he was about 10 Nick was bullied to the point that he didn’t want to be alive anymore so he tried to commit suicide in his family tub in 6 inches of water, he stopped himself because as he closed his eyes ready to leave the world he saw his parents standing at his grave crying, he decided to stay for his family’s sake. After this event Nick faced severe depression for years. When Nick was 15 God answered his prayers when somebody else was born with an unexplained condition that made him blind this man reminded Nick of himself. After finding out about this man Nick found faith in himself. Nick now is a comedian, enjoys swimming, speaks to churches and schools etc., Nick travels to different countries and feeds hungry children, and helping others inspiring them and sharing his story.

Shane Koyczan

When Shane was a kid he loved pork chops he called them karate chops he ate them everyday. One day Shane was climbing a tree and fell out of it because he weighed too much. He hid it from his grandma because he didn’t want to get in trouble. one day a teacher saw the bruises all over his side when the teacher asked what it was from he just said that his grandma gave him to many karate chops. Because Shane said this he got taken away from his house. Then the investigators asked him what really happened and then word got around school of his mistake in words so for the rest of his elementary, middle, and high school career he was called Pork Chop. Because Shane was so determined to overcome the hardships in his life he now is a well known poet.

Conner and Cayden compared to Michael Johnson

Imagine if your brother was disabled and couldn’t walk or talk? Conner has a little brother named Caden who has special needs and can’t walk or talk, but these two boys did a triathlon. Michael Johnson is nothing compared to them in my eyes because even though he won the Olympics he still didn’t show the same determination as Conner and Cayden. Even though Conner and Cayden only ran in the kids triathlon and lost they still had to go through having to run and swim and bike with somebody that couldn’t walk or talk. Also from Michael's perspective he may have shown more determination because he won and because he ran his whole life and through hardships to get to the point of being in the olympics. The determination shown in both of these stories is magnificent.