Summer Institute for the Gifted

at the University of Chicago

Thursday, July 24th, 2014

A Note from the Director, Mike Orlando

Hello! Our first week has been full of studies and activity. Friendships have formed between students from Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Connecticut, Puerto Rico and, of course, Chicago, Illinois! Students in our residential program are bonding as counselor groups and houses under the leadership of our Res Staff, and our commuter students are leaping onto campus each morning in the great weather we’ve been having this week.

Luminous minds are leaping into the cosmos, pharmacology, immortality, bioengineering, algorithms, the brain and dreaming, globalization, spying, fencing, zoology, web design, and more. Classes in Harper Memorial and Stuart Halls, as well as around the rest of campus, are buzzing with projects, ideas, and great creativity!

Tonight, students will enjoy watching the staff put on a much-talked-about talent show: who knew that these mild-mannered counselors possessed such musical and performing abilities? Our days are filled with intense subject matter and when classes are finished the students engage in fun counselor and all-camp activities coordinated by the gloriously talented Student Activities Coordinator, Stevie Lin, who is loved by all.

Whatever is going on, SIG UChicago students are truly exemplary throughout the day. The students have received many, many compliments for their excellent behavior and decorum at the campus library and the Cathey Dining Hall, as well as from the Conference Services staff on the campus.

In case you no longer have the registration sheet distributed at Sunday’s parent orientation, below is the contact information for the SIG office and administrative staff:

Office Hours: 8:00am-10:30pm (closed 6-7pm for dinner)

Office Phone: (312) 952-7449

Director email:

Academics email:

Student Life email:

Office Manager email:

Nurse phone: (312) 952-7867 (available 24 hours)

Nurse email:

Finally,a gentle reminder that even though our physical office may be closed for a meal, we are not gone for long, and will get back to you as soon as we can. And if you’re a commuter parent, please remember to contact us if you’ll be picking up or dropping off your child at any other time than the regular AM/PM drop-off and pickup.


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EN GARDE! Spotlight On Fencing: Footwork to Foils

As Week One comes to a close, students are now settled into their courses. Students attend four classes each day, with topics ranging from "Broadway Beckons" to "Fun with Newtonian Physics."

The instructor for Fencing is Felice, who is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Social Sciences at the University of Chicago. She has been fencing for nearly a decade and is currently ranked 8th in New Zealand for Women's foils.

Fencing is a popular class and a favorite at SIG at the University of Chicago.

Here's what some students had to say:
"It's so funny and so good."
"It's a great group effort and fun, and sometimes it's scary!"
"It's the foundations for anything sports-related in your life!"

Here's what the Teaching Assistant, Lupe, had to say:
"The Fencing class has been a wonderful opportunity in that it challenges students to learn and master different forms and techniques while creating a fun and open learning environment."
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Recreational Hour

Today's options for Recreational Hour were: Bookstore; Volleyball; Board Games.
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Evening Activities

This week, students engage in banner making, arts and crafts, and playground games with their Residential Staff during Evening Activity time.

Tonight is our annual Staff Talent Show, where the staff will show off their talents for the camp. Highlights include ukulele, magic tricks, and jumbo origami.

Tomorrow night the students will compete in our Brain Bowl challenge. They will be tested on general academic knowledge in their quest to become Brain Bowl Champions!
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Office Manager Brooke handles all student mail and packages!
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