Joseph McCarthy

Taylor Eve, Hour 1, Chapter 18

Infomation About Joseph Mccarthy

~McCarthy dropped out of grade school at the age fourteen, he returned to school to finish his studies in 1928, he attend Marquette University.

~ McCarthy was a court judge to begin his career but later quit to join the marines for World War II

~After his military career McCarthy then ran as the Republican candidate for the Wisconsin Senate where he used propaganda to win against his opponent, Robert La Follette.

~As the 2nd term on re- election, McCarthy who is anti-communist started to make America strongly dis like communists.

~Fear of communism became know as McCarthyism.

~Finally president Dwight D. Eisenhower, realized that McCarthy’s movement needed to be stopped.

What I learned

What I learned is that Joseph McCarthy had hatred towards all communist. I also learned about McCarthys time before be a senate, he dropped out of school, but later went back to college, I didn't know that McCarthy had 2 other jobs before he became the senate of Wisconsin.

Jospeh McCathys Jobs over time

My Reaction

My reaction is that I think It was not right for McCarthy to hate on communists, I also thought McCarthyism was a bad Idea too, that's why I'm glad our president decide to stop it while he had the chance too.