Persian Wars

Persia vs. Greece

The Cause

Persia and Greece are in a war right now! But why? Before the war, the Persian Empire declared war on rebel countries and Athens sent supplies to the rebels. The Persians did not like Athens doing that , so they declared war on them.

The War

When the Persian Empire declared war on Greece, all of Greece's poli united to create the Delian League. Athens was the treasury and held all the money. They also charged the other poli a small amount for them to keep the money safe. The Greeks and the Persian Empire fought three battles with each other. The Greeks stood victorious over the wars. The king of the Empire, Xerxes, was really mad and decided to behead the remaining captains who survived.

After the War

After the triumph of the Greeks, Sparta got mad at Athens because they were rich from the small amount they charged during the war. Sparta soon declared war on Athens and thus came the Peloponnesian Wars. Soon after, Athens surrendered to Sparta. Both city-states were weak and the king of Macedonia saw this. He sent Alexander the Great to conquer Greece and they won. This was the end of Greece.