Munchkins <3 Munchkins <3

ohlala. . . Muncharaaaaaaaaaap!

Muncharap <3

- The name of our business is “Muncharap” – “Muncharap” is a combination of the word “Munchkin” and “Sarap” because of its perfect size and delicious taste. This product has different toppings and dips and is very affordable.

- Munchkin is a new product perfectly and deliciously made that anyone will crave. This is perfect for any occasion such as; a gift for your loved ones; desserts of a children's party, etc. It has many flavor so everyone will love it.

Come to our shop! :)

It is located at Unit 5 Mary's Bldg. Philamlife Village, Pamplona 2, Las Piñas City

Were open at 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Monday- Saturday