Racial Discrimination

Pepper spray does not feel good.

It's not gone

Many people believe that racial discrimination has gone away, that it's a thing of the past. They are deeply wrong. Civilians are being shot and killed because some people are afraid of individuals because of their skin color. A black man was on the sidewalk when a police officer approached him accusing him of selling illegal cigarettes. The man by the name of Eric Garner resisted arrest, so the police officer put Garner into a choke hold. By doing this Eric Garner started to choke. When he told the officer that he couldn't breath the officer by the name of Daniel Pantaleo continued to ignore him. Eric Garner died in that choke hold (Allen). The officer that killed Eric Garner was not persecuted, but decided to indict the man who filmed it (Wing). If this does not show racial discrimination and profiling then I don't know what does.

Big Question

How can the police help? Recently police have been putting body cameras on themselves so they can film everything around them. I think this is a good idea becuase if a policeman committed a crime it would be hard for the jury to call him or her innocent if they had video evidence. Also this could help directors of police departments to see how bad his officers are actually acting. There are many people who still believe that the police aren't killing people becuase they are black. Except with body cameras we could show the. That they are wrong. A police department did a study where they put body cameras on all their officers. After this experiment the police chief Tony Farrar said "the findings suggest that more than a 50% reduction in the total amount of incidents of use-of-force compared to control-conditions, and nearly ten times more citizens' complaints in the 12-months priror to the experiment". I think this shows how careful the police are when they know someone is watching. Body cameras would be a good way to stop police violence and racism.

Incarceration rates

What are the incarceration rates of black and white? Black incarceration rates are five times higher than white incarceration rates. Even though 64% of the U.S. population is made up of Caucasian the incarceration rate of whites are 450 per 100,000, and blacks are 2,306 per 100,000(Sakala). That says something when the United States population is made up of more than half white people and yet black peoples incarceration rates are five times higher than whites.