Nationwide Speaking Tour

on smarter ways to achieve NCEA

Is your son or daughter grappling with....

  • Lack of motivation for study
  • Procrastination and poor time management
  • Unsure which resources to use
  • No study plan
  • Inability to measure their progress in NCEA

Well you're not alone!

Would you like to....

  • Support your son or daughter to study smarter for NCEA?
  • Learn to measure their progress in preparing for exams?
  • Find out about the many resources available outside of school to help with study?
  • Be able to motivate your son or daughter to achieve outstanding results?

If you're going to do one thing for your son or daughter, attend this groundbreaking new seminar from NCEA tutor and learning development expert Rakesh Pandey.

For the first time ever, Rakesh Pandey tours New Zealand to help parents break down the barriers between themselves and their young person and walk alongside them to succeed in NCEA.

"Rakesh will completely change the way you interact with your child over NCEA. Since meeting Rakesh both my son and I have actually enjoyed studying together and he is absolutely acing his assessments"

Jane, Auckland

Rakesh Pandey - NCEA Eagle

Rakesh Pandey has been recognised as an expert in study skills and motivation for nearly two decades. Born in the United States, he has organised and run numerous camps and leadership courses throughout New Zealand, has helped hundreds of senior secondary school pupils, international sports stars and owns his own self-development centre in the South Island city of Dunedin. His aim is to inspire young minds, assist self-development, motivation and improve study skills.

Rakesh not only tutors students to improve their school grades, he also prepares them for life. Athletes, such as double Olympic gold medallist swimmer Danyon Loader and former All Blacks captain Taine Randell, have been helped by Rakesh.

Born in 1958, Rakesh has been recognised as an expert in study skill and motivation throughout New Zealand since 1989 when Television New Zealand approached him to front a live educational television programme, which proved a huge success. Rakesh has regularly toured the country motivating and energising students and business people.