My Coach, Jimmy Melia

By: Ethan Andeson

What I have been researching and how I became interested in this topic.

I have been researching my coach Jimmy Melia and his great Liverpool career. This topic first interested me when Jimmy first told me and my teammates on his first appearance for Liverpool he scored off of a penalty.

Why this topic interests me and anything I knew prior to doing my research.

This topic interests me because I want to learn how my coach came to be so respected by Liverpool and it's fans, and just around the country of England. I knew very little about Jimmy other than the fact that he was one of the few Liverpool greats.

Jimmy's Liverpool Career

He scored a total of 79 goals in 286 games for Liverpool over a 8 year period, including claiming in the Football League 2 Title 1961-1962, and the Football League 1 Title 1963-1964 under the leadership of Bill Shankly.

How this information is beneficial to me and someone else.

This is beneficial to me because it gave me an idea into what a great player Jimmy was when he was younger. This could benefit other people such as my parents, my teammates, and possibly even Jimmy himself.

Fun Fact: Jimmy compared to two world greats.