Janaurary 17, 1726

January 17,1728

Today I will be publishing my Volumes of a Lexicom Technicum. There are 9 volumes.

What You Will Find In The Encyclopedia

You can find how to use alphabetical order , how to put numbers in the correct place,and how to speak in different langues You should buy this because if you want your kids to have education you can to with the help of an encyclopedia. That is why you should buy in an encyclopedia.You should buy my encyclopedia because store owners will take advantage of that to give people wrong change so buy my book now.

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Why This Was Published

I have decided to publish an encyclopedia because I fell that people needed education if they weren't even in school. That is one of the ways I decided to publish my encyclopedias. I hope you

will get one of my books. The encyclopedias are 3 shillings