Mrs. Hilburn & Mrs. Henderson's

British World Literature Class

"A Novel Bunch" is ready to go!

“A Novel Bunch” gives us the opportunity to meet and learn more about the topic of study in the British and World Literature class. Two times a week, we will meet to discuss what we have learned during our class connect sessions. This gives us the opportunity to learn more by listening, sharing, watching, and interact with our classmate.

"A Novel Bunch" will meet every Thursday and Tuesday from 12:00-12:30 pm.
"A Novel Bunch" is not a required class connect session, it is optional.

Together we will choose a Logo for........... "A Novel Bunch"

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Connections- Chat Time

We are also offering an optional, supervised chat time for students to engage in appropriate social interaction with their classmates/ friends. This Connections Chat will be offered on Tuesday and Thursdays from 12:30- 12:45 pm.

Students will be be able to verbally chat using the microphones, type in the chat box, and present a power point slide introducing their selves.

Guidelines for power point slides will be given to the students in the next few day.

Mrs. Hilburn & Mrs. Henderson's Contact information

Remember we are always available to answer questions in class, on Kmail, and/or you may call.

Mrs. Hilburn- (404) 344-4790 ext. 2095

Mrs. Henderson- (404) 344-4790 ext. 1212