Dolphin Dispatch

Week of February 15, 2016

A Word From Ms. Haynes

Dear Welleby Family,

Hoping your long weekend is going smoothly and you are taking time to enjoy YOU and find balance in your life. We are on the back end of the school year and days/weekends like this will be fewer and farther between. I encourage you to find time to connect with others and de-stress from your work routine.

As I mentioned during our Faculty Meeting this week, it is so important for us to be mindful of upcoming events and deadlines. Thus the reason I take every weekend to complete this Dispatch to keep you as informed as possible. Your total commitment to levels of high standards and expectations is important on this journey at Welleby. I firmly believe that teachers should be treated with high levels of professionalism and autonomy. The processes and procedures that I put in place serve to help foster that spirit, but I do need you to be on board.

The journey we have to travel here at Welleby requires us all to become detail oriented and committed to a standards driven school. I look at some schools with tougher populations and see their success and I KNOW that it is possible for Welleby. It's not going to be just given to us, we are going to have to WORK for it. The work we do on a daily basis has to be purposeful. We have to be focused on understanding the standards, committed to teaching them to our students, willing to do things differently, and determined to help our students overcome. The population we serve is not a difficult one. There is so much potential here.

True, they are missing some background knowledge, but having been at schools like Lauderdale Manors (no longer in existence) and Oriole, I know our kids have it better. I need everyone to be on the same mission. If you feel that what I am asking seems to be too much, if it seems beyond what you feel is necessary, or you think "all" we need to do is XYZ. I will say this, GREAT players never stop practicing. They never stop learning. Lebron James, Peyton Manning, Cam Newton, and many others don't just show up on game day ready to play. They practice relentless to hone their craft. They study film, break down plays--as educators committed to excellence, we should do the same. We should study our standards, breakdown our data and chart a course of action depending on who the players (students) are.

I ask you to evaluate the journey ahead for Welleby. Evaluate the raised level of expectations. As we move into completing informal observations and arranging for formal observations beginning next month, take time to familiarize yourself with the Marzano protocols so you understand the true meaning beyond the "grade" (rating). Just as you want your students to get value from an assignment beyond the end result of a grade, so do we want you to get value from your observations. Think about how you can take your game to the next level.

Have an AMAZING week!!

Talent Development

This site is where you will find information about professional development opportunities and all things Marzano.

The Week Ahead

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

February 15th
  • NO SCHOOL: President's Day

February 16th
  • Leadership Team Meeting

February 17th
  • PLC Meeting: 2:05PM
  • Welleby Warriors
  • Menchie's Family Day

February 18th
  • 5th Grade Field Trip: Mathemagic

February 19th
  • Dolphin Depot: Grades 3-5
  • PK Field Trip: Young at Art

February 20th
Saturday Science Academy: 8:30AM to 11:30AM for students

Calendar Events Subject to Change


Guided Reading

In this Curriculum Corner dedicated to Guided Reading you will see how Jenna does small groups in her classroom. Hopefully you will gain some tips from this.

Words to Live By

Kudos to you!

Ms. Atelus: was recognized by the City of Sunrise as Welleby's Teacher of the Month for January. Ms. Atelus' hard work as our school counselor is immeasurable as evidenced by her daily commitment to meeting students and families socio-emotional needs.

Ms. Dart & The Welleby Warriors: we had ANOTHER GREAT week! We're at it rain or shine! Come join us every Monday and Wednesday!

Ms. Atelus: last week was National School Counseling Week. I would like to take a moment to recognize Ms. Atelus again for her dedication and efforts as our School Counselor.

All teachers who passed BOTH of their technology tests: hearing the cheers throughout the Media Center was very uplifting. Job well done!!

Coming Soon....

February 22nd

  • Welleby Warriors

February 23rd
  • SAC Meeting: 8AM in Media Center
  • Publix Math Night: 6PM-8PM at Publix on Oakland and Nob Hill (encourage your students to come out please)

February 24th
  • 2nd Grade Black History Program
  • Tornado Drill: Prepare your students
  • Welleby Warriors

February 25th
  • Early Release Day: Dismissal at 11:50AM
  • PLC Meetings: 4th & 5th Grade will meet in Media for FSA Writing Training
  • Chuck E. Cheese Family Night: 12PM-9PM FREE entree for teachers!!!!

February 27th
  • Science Academy: 8:30AM to 11:30AM for students

Calendar Events Subject to Change

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