Romeo and Juliet

Act V, Scene i

"5 Out of 5 Stars"

Romeo and Juliet have done it again receiving 5 stars from critics around the world. Their Act V, Scene i episode will keep you on the edge of your seat as Romeo returns to Verona. Romeo has lived a roller coaster life that keeps getting more intense as the movie goes on. You cannot miss this episode when it comes to a theater near you!

Cast & Crew:

Romeo: Mike Delmore

Balthasar: Nick Desrosiers

Friar: Devon McManus

Apothecary: Jake Escott

Storyboard: Nick Desrosiers

Poster: Mike Delmore

DvD cover: Devon McManus

Script: Jake Escott

"Broncos and Patriots meet again"

Act V, Scene i features a rivalry for the ages as the Patriots and Broncos meet again. Romeo, Balthasar, and Friar represents the star-studded Patriots team and in this episode, the Apothecary represents the Broncos. Critics are impressed with this breath taking scene, saying "Romeo and Juliet score big with these star-crossed groups (Patriots and Broncos)." Your not going to want to miss this episode!