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Dear Students, Faculty and Parents,

We hope that you are having a great start to your summer holiday.

We are having great time here at FSA hosting our summer S.T.E.A.M. Camps and Chess Camp as we also prepare for the new school year.

In this summer newsletter, we would like to give you some updates and remind you about some important things to do before the new school year. Please go over the newsletter carefully. Thank you.


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Thanks to the big growth in our enrollment numbers, we are now able to offer many more new after school club choices to our precious students. The new schedule for after school clubs will be shared with families during orientation day , Thursday, August 4th and everyone will be asked to make their selections online by Thursday, August 11, 2016.

After school clubs will begin during the second week of school year. Families will have their chance to learn more about each academic team during academic team presentations first week of school between 3:45 and 4:30pm each day. The schedule of academic team presentations will be shared in the next school newsletter and also during orientation day.


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Fulton Science Academy is pleased to announce the new Band and Orchestra programs.

Please check this website for detailed information and registration:


Since we have after school clubs till 4:20pm, the band and orchestra will start at 4:30pm to avoid possible conflicts with academic teams and club studies. Please check actual days and times on the website - http://www.dolceensemble.com

Come and Join Us for FSA Orchestra and Band Program During Orientation Day

  • Date: August 6th (Saturday), 2015
  • Time: 9:00 am to 3:00 pm
  • Place: Fulton Science Academy Private School

During the Band and Orchestra Orientation Day, parents and students will have the opportunity to:

  1. See and hear the various instruments in band and orchestra
  2. Play and try out instruments
  3. Sizing for orchestra instruments
  4. Rent instruments
  5. Meet and greet staff and faculty

We will gladly answer any other questions you might have on Orientation Day!


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Good news! We now have a bus route for the next school year. Based on the work done by the bus company, the route below should cover a big portion of our families interested in bus transportation. Since our enrollment numbers increase fast each year, we will add more buses and more routes in the coming years. Please see the route here:


Academy Sports/ The Collections of Forsyth

320 Peachtree Parkway

Cumming, GA 30041

Leave @ 7:00am


Kroger (Corner of Jones Bridge Rd and Douglas Rd)

11877 Douglas Rd

Alpharetta, GA 30005

Leave @ 7:15am



10945 State Bridge Rd

Alpharetta, GA 30022

Leave @ 7:25am

In the afternoon, the bus will pick up students at 4:20pm and take back to the above stops.

The approximate drop off times would be as follows:

Kroger @ Jones Bridge Rd and State Bridge - 4:45pm

Kroger @ Jones Bridge Rd and Douglas Road - 4:55pm

Academy Sports - 5:15pm

If we have at least 30 families committed for this route by Monday, July 20, then this route will be a reality for this school year.

The cost is $200 per student per month and there is $25 discount for siblings.

If committed, please fill out THIS ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM and send your payment to FSAPS front office at 1675 Hembree Road Alpharetta GA 30009, payable to Fulton Science Academy by Monday, July 20, 2015.

Please see some information about the bus company here:


4143 Doc Sams Road

Cumming, Georgia 30028

(770) 887-8317

email: estancil1@bellsouth.net


We incorporated our business in 1995. We are a family owned operated business.

We are approved by Fulton County Board of Education to provide bus service for Fulton County Schools.

We have $5 Million insurance per bus, we also have Workman's Compensation insurance and also General Liability insurance.

We have monthly Safety Meetings with all of our drivers. The following are some of the things that we go over in our monthly meetings:

a) Is to ensure safety of students while boarding, exiting and riding the bus.

b) How to deal with student/passenger situations. For instance, no altercations with

children, pull over if unsafe conditions.

c) Check bus to make sure no child has been left on the bus.

d) Not to leave any child unattended at bus stop.

e) Return to school with any child not picked up at stop.

Qualifications for All Drivers:

1. Be in good health and pass a Georgia Department of Transportation Physical.

2. Have at least 4 years of commercial driving experience.

3. Not have any accidents or traffic violations over the most recent 5 year period.

4. Never had a D.U.I. Conviction.

5. Never have had their driver's license suspended for traffic violations.

6. Be at least 25 years of age.

7. Pass a driver's road test.

8. High School Diploma.

9. Not have been terminated by a previous employer for failure to comply with safety regulations or for accident involvement.

We have a fleet of 16 school buses. Our buses are maintained and serviced by MTR Fleet Services in Cumming, Georgia. They are a State of Georgia licensed inspection and repair facility for trucks and buses. Our buses are inspected annually by Georgia State Patrols.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Kenan Sener, Principal

Fulton Science Academy Private School


July 11 - 10am to 2:00pm - Band and Orchestra Program Orientation Day

August 6 - 9am to 11am - Pre-K through 5th Grade Orientation Day

August 6 - 1pm to 3pm - 6th Grade through 8th Grade Orientation Day

August 8 - 5pm to 7pm - Elementary School Families Welcome Picnic

August 9 - 5pm to 7pm - Middle School Families Welcome Picnic



August 26 - Pre-K through 5th Grade Curriculum Night

August 27 - 6th Grade through 8th Grade Curriculum Night

Locker Organization (4th Grade through 8th Grade)

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We are receiving new lockers along with our new furniture. Our new lockers are 15" wide x 15" deep x 36" tall which is wider and deeper than the lockers at the old campus. Please note the larger size when you are looking for locker organization options. Several of our students used and recommend LOCKERBONES which is unique and adjustable organizer, not just a simple shelf. With the LOCKERBONES Organizational product, students are better organized, there is less mess, and they spend less time searching their locker between classes. (WATCH VIDEO)

We have worked with LOCKERBONES to set up a School Code, (FSA2015), for our school and LOCKERBONES has agreed to donate a portion of the proceeds back to the school based on the total orders.

If you would like to purchase LOCKERBONES, a truly unique locker organizer, and insure that the school receives credit for the sale, then follow these steps:

How to Order

  • Visit www.LockerBones.com
  • Choose “Place Fundraiser Order.”
  • Select from the Plastic or Wooden Versions listed (Select 15" Single, Double, or Double deluxe in Wood)
  • Be sure to enter (FSA2015) as the school code section of the order so the school receives credit for the order.
  • After you add the lockerbones to cart a popup window will show your subtotal. Click on the Add a coupon link above the subtotal amount. Enter the code BTS2015 for $5 off your order.
  • Please order prior to November 30,2015, to get credit.


Class placements were sent to all families by June 15. You should have it by now. It is important that families check class placements and let Mr. Turan (nturan@fultonscienceacademy.org) know if they have any questions. We wish to make sure that we have them finalized and ready before the school year starts. Your final class schedules including teacher names and classroom assignments will be given to you during the orientation day on Thursday, August 6.


Summer Hours are Monday through Friday between 8 am and 2 pm.


There are additional shots required for 7th grade attendance. Make sure that your rising 7th graders have updated shots and that updated immunization forms are turned in to the front office before school starts. Forms can be faxed to 678-366-2333 or emailed to pwalsh@fultonscienceacademy.org.


Fulton Science Academy will continue the partnership with Land’s End through the 2015-2016 school year to supply school uniforms. It is never too early to start thinking about the things you will need to start the new school year. Follow the link to start your uniform order today.

Click here for Land’s End Website

You also have the option of going to Sears department store to try on the uniform pieces and then visit the in-store kiosk to have the logo put on the uniforms.


1) Red Polo shirt with school logo

2) *Shoes that follow the uniform guidelines (see below).

3) Black or brown belt (to be worn with all shorts and pants that have belt loops)

4) P.E. athletic shirt & shorts/pants mandatory for grades 6-8, optional for grades 4-5

*Shoes that meet the uniform guidelines have been added to the FSAPS Land’s End uniform options. These particular shoes are not required, but shoes worn to school DO need to meet the uniform guidelines.


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Dear Parents,

If you have missed the May 15 deadline to order school supplies through Staples School Supply program we announced earlier, please go ahead and purchase the supply list for your child using he lists below and bring it to your homeroom teacher during orientation day on August 6th. Thank you!

Pre-K Supply List

Kindergarten Boys Supply List

Kindergarten Girls Supply List

1st Grade Supply List

2nd Grade Supply List

3rd Grade Supply List

4th and 5th Grade Supply List

6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Supply List


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Summer is a time for relaxation and a good book.

Elementary Grades Summer Reading List

Middle Grade Summer Reading List

Rising Kindergarten Summer Reading Order Form

Rising 1st Grade Summer Reading Order Form

Rising 2nd Grade Summer Reading Order Form

Rising 3rd Grade Summer Reading Order Form

Rising 4th Grade Summer Reading Order Form

Rising 5th Grade Summer Reading Order Form

Rising 6th thru 8th Grade School Summer Order Form

Elementary students, rising kindergarten through rising fifth grade, are to choose ten books from the suggested book list. You may choose books from the suggested list of the grade you will be entering and higher.

Middle school students, rising sixth grade through rising eighth grade, are to choose five books from the suggested book list. You may choose books from the suggested list of the grade you will be entering and higher. Sorry rising eighth graders.

Students that complete this summer reading assignment will receive one week of dress down.

Students are asked to do the following:

  • Keep a log of the books that are read over the summer.
  • After reading, write a summary of the book. The summary should be no more than one page.
  • Turn the book log and summaries in to your language arts teacher on the first day of school.


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The new version of EPGY released under the name of Gifted and Talented. This year both the old version and the new version is available to use.

Please use your current EPGY username and password to reach the new version at https://schools.redbirdlearning.com

If you see a need to change your level for the new version, please contact our Math Department Head Mrs. Duzyol and she will be happy to help you to change the level to make it a better learning experience for you.

The new elementary school students will be given their username and password at the beginning of school year.

Becoming a Nationally Ranked School Through Partnerships!

FSAPS Vision Statement: Fulton Science Academy Private School envisions a pre-K through 12th grade nationally ranked and recognized school serving advanced and gifted student populations committed to academic success, civic responsibility, and high ethical values within a safe environment that celebrates diversity and is supported by the collaborative efforts of its stakeholders and the broader community.

Dear FSAPS Parents,

There are wonderful things happening at our school. The journey that we started three years ago with only 101 students and 15 faculty members in our first year as private school will continue with 360 students and 48 faculty members in our new campus next school year. This was possible thanks to our wonderful students, dedicated teachers and supportive parents.

Next year is a new beginning for us at our new campus. We have high goals for our students and for that it will help us tremendously if we work on creating partnerships not only with our stakeholders within our community but also with outside groups such as universities and industry representatives. We currently have some projects we are working on and you will be hearing more about them in the following months.

As part of these efforts, we would like to survey our parents and find out in which other ways and capacities they can offer support to our school. For this purpose, please tell us a little bit about yourself by filling out this survey. Each parent should fill out a separate survey.

Please click here to fill out the parent survey.

You help is greatly appreciated.


Kenan Sener, Principal

Fulton Science Academy Private School


I am pleased to share some exciting updates and changes that will be taking place as part of our continuous improvement efforts to better meet the needs of our students.


The construction of our new campus is expected to be completed in May of this year. Beginning this February, our students and parents are most welcome to tour the new campus on Saturdays. It is exciting to see the new campus construction. If you are interested in scheduling a tour on a certain Saturday, please send an e-mail to Mr. Turan at nturan@fultonscienceacademy.org


Thanks to some generous investors, we will be adding brand new furniture to our school next year. The new furnishings feature great quality and a sleek, modern look. Please see our selection of cafeteria chairs and tables for our new campus below.
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About 9 years ago, we were one of the first schools in Georgia to fully equip all of our classes with SmartBoards. As we move to our new campus, we are again leading the way in classroom technology by upgrading our classrooms with active touch panels. In addition, we will be adding a class set of active tables to the elementary grades. Our students and teachers will love utilizing these new technologies in their classes. Please see more details below.

Please click here to watch a video about ActivPanel Touch.

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Beginning this August, the majority of classroom assessments that students take in middle school grades will be completed on iPads and computers. By upgrading to a much faster internet connection at the new campus, on-line activities will be much smoother for our students and teachers. Through on-line assessments, students will be able to review both correct and missed questions. Parents will no longer need to request a copy of the test to go over with their child. Additionally, data analysis will be easier for our teachers enabling more prompt feedback to parents.


We have selected a new and more challenging language arts curriculum for our middle grades. It is called Collections.

With the separation of Social Studies and Language Arts teachers and the adoption of a new more rigorous language arts curriculum, we are building a very strong Language Arts Department for our precious students.

FSA is taking a multi-step approach to building a strong music program. We plan to continue to offer private music lessons, which many of you have taken advantage of this school year. In our continued efforts to improve this program, we will be adding more instruments such as new pianos. Additionally, next year we will be offering our students Band and Orchestra. Each will be offered twice a week from 4:30 to 5:30, so that they do not conflict with our academic teams, clubs, and sports. It is our intention that as we progress we will eventually add Band, Orchestra, and Chorus to our students’ daily school schedule to have further emphasis on music education. We are excited about the steps that we are taking next year to improve our music program and give our students more opportunities.


As you might already know, our new campus also includes a standard high school size gymnasium with 400 seating capacity and a standard size field for our students to play. Our families will observe a great increase in the athletics opportunities offered to our students next year. In our first year we will start with the following sports and grow each year from there.

  • Basketball
  • Cross Country
  • Fencing
  • Golf
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Table Tennis
  • Taekwondo
  • Wrestling


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We are excited to announce a solid technology and engineering class with a strong curriculum for our elementary and middle grades next year. The program is called Project Lead The Way. This comprehensive program also includes robotics and will replace our current robotics class for elementary and middle grades. Project Lead The Way offers a different approach to learning and teaching. Through activity-, project-, and problem-based curriculum, PLTW gives students in kindergarten through high school a chance to apply what they know, identify problems, find unique solutions, and lead their own learning. For more information, please visit: https://www.pltw.org/our-programs


Since Project Lead The Way curriculum includes computer literacy, we are redesigning our computer classes for next year. Soon, we will share a computer class framework that shows specifically which skills are taught in each grade. The new computer education program will also include a strong coding component for each grade level.


Our new campus is designed to make the dismissal process much easier for everyone. We will have two different areas from which students can be picked up, thereby speeding up the process significantly. In a few weeks the barcoded carpool system will begin and we will use an enhanced version of it at the new campus next year. We look forward to being able to provide a smoother pickup system for our students and parents.


Security is a priority at our new campus for the safety and well-being of our students. The campus has been designed with extra safety features built-in. Security cameras will be installed everywhere. Additionally, there is a secure front office buzzer system that will be continuously monitored and an electronic carded access entry system that will be used for other doors. We are working with local safety experts to make sure that our campus is as secure and safe as possible for our students.

Fulton Science Academy Private School

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