Cattle Truck Driver

By: Delainee Neal

Hauling Livestock

Mot livestock haulers grow up around the business. Livestock haulers don't waste much time. They like to get the job done quickly. They don't mind the work and responsibility of taking care of the live animals on the road. Livestock drivers are very passionate about their job.You have to load and unload cattle. After the trip you have to clean out the trailers. There can be up to an additional 3000 pounds of manure in the trailer. The extra weight can put you overweight. Cattle truck drivers must drive with care due to having a high center of gravity hauling the live animals. They must take off and stop slow so that the livestock is not injured. If the driver does not slow down on curves, they could risk rolling the trailer over. You have to know how to load the trailer properly so you don't get a ticket for being overweight. Learning how to load the animals in the trailer properly is a crucial step in the job. Some truck drivers drive up to 4000 miles or more during the winter weeks.

Annual Gross Salary


For a job in Houston, Texas, with no experience, and just a high school diploma, you can earn up to $51,046.
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Neal Hauling


I'm self-employed. I might hire 1-2 other drivers to help me with my cattle hauling company.


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