Host a doTERRA class

Receive a free gift and a free bottle of Wild Orange

Booking a class

Book a class on or before March 31st (based on availability) and you will receive a free Living Magazine and bottle of Wild orange oil. Use the wild orange oil to share with your family and friends when you invite them to your class. If you" SHARE" the whole bottle with others before your class, I will replace it with a brand new bottle at your class.

In addition to the free wild orange you will also get invitations, and fun tips and tools to help you have a successful class.

*** This offer is only good for new customers or 1st time IPC hosting a class***

Thank you Gift for Hosting a class

For hosting a class you will also receive a thank you gift on the day of your class you may choose 1 of the following:

1 Purple of Black doTERRA keychain that will hold 8 of your favorite oils and a pocket size Modern Essential Reference Book.


3 of our favorite make and take blends in a gift bag.

Focus Blend

Flu/virus blend
Allergy blend
Cellulite cream
On Guard Cleaner
Owie spray
On Guard Hand Sanitizer

Other incentives for Hosting a class before March 31, 2014

Receive 10% in free product based off the total PV (personal volume) sales from your class (orders must be place within 3 business days of your class)


Earn a paycheck to pay for your oils :)


You will be entered into a drawing to win a free Spa Mist Diffuser

Drawing and winner will be announced the first week in April.


The GREATEST reward you will get for hosting a class is not free product, gifts, or money it is something much BIGGER it is a chance to help someone you care about find a solution or answer to something that they are struggling with. This my friend is the GREATEST gift of all!