Scott Joplin

King Of Ragtime

Personal Information

-Born in Linden Texas, 1868

- Fathers name: Giles Joplin

- Mothers Name: Florence Givens

- Siblings: Monroe, Robert, William, Myrtle, Ossie

- outgoing and like to try new and interesting things

Job objective

An educational teacher that teaches the subject of the piano that allows me to spread my knowledge with the world.


- Graduated from George R. Smith College

- 1894 joined the Queen City Cornet Band

- Major Compositions

The Entertainer, 1902

A Picture Of Her Face, 1995

Maple Leaf Rag, 1899

Sunflower Slow Rag, 1901

- Major World Tour in 1893. Visited Syracuse, NY, and many other big cities

Professional Experience

-Preformed with Sedalias Queen City Band in 1895- 1896 in a lot of parts of Texas

- Published much of his music in House Of Classic Rags in 1899



-John Stark who was a publisher.

- Tom Turpin who was another Publisher

- Alfred Ernst, the music director of the St. Louis Chanel Symphony Co.