By- William J. Byars

High Clouds

High clouds kn & upward ( @ 6km is when tmp reaches freezing)

-small amount of h20 vapor & low temps

-thin, white & composed of ice

Cirrus,Cirrocumulus, and Cirrostratus

Middle Clouds

Middle clouds 2-6km

composed of h20

altocumulus→settled weather

altostratus→ changing weather

Low Clouds

Low clouds- 2km & below

  • occur as general overcast often widespread &

are associated with somber skies & drizzly rain stratus

statocumlus,stratonimbus→rain clouds

Clouds of vertical development

Clouds of vertical development

low bases but reaches of 15km

indicate very active vertical movement in the air Cumulus& Cumulonimbus→ storm clouds


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