All about me

Manasota salat


My name is manasota and i am 11 years old. i have 2 brothers and 2 sisters. i was bron in kanya in junury 22 2004 i have a sister her name is asha i have a brother his name is hassan.

things i like

i relly like reading i like read the book hunger games the caching fire and i love watch the movie to see if it is the same or not i like to wach the movie frozen and read the book of it. and i like to dance.

favorite things

my favorite thing are to play when i go home i like to go the my friends and anut hoasue i love to play soccr, football, and basketball those are my favorite things to do when i go home when i am at school i like to play outside and i love to learn math, grammer and reading those are the things i like to do at home.