College and Career Project

Washington University in St. Louis

Volunteer Work

  • volunteer at hospital or nursing home

  • this will help me get a feel for what i might be doing as a pediatrician

School Info.

  • specific programs offered- Doctor of Medicine, residency and fellowship programs for pediatrics

  • $52,020 per year

  • need high character, aptitude, integrity, motivation, MCAT score, 90 semester hours of undergraduate, at least one year each of: biology, chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, calculus, undergraduate major of choice

  • enrolment student/teacher ratio: .69 students per teacher

Location Info.

  • St.Louis Missouri

  • fun thing: Forest Park, the arch, farmers market, near the Ozarks for hiking, camping and river rafting, Science Center, shopping and dining in the Central West End, LDS Temple within 20 minute drive,

  • weather: hot and humid in summer, cold with snow and ice in winter

  • big city, mississippi river and missouri river near

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Paying for the University

  • work, scholarships, student loans may be, grants

  • FAFSA form/ Deadlines- Federal: midnight central time, June 30, 2015- State: March 1, 2014- College: for deadlines check with the college you want to attend
  • scholarships I want to work for: Amaranthus Family Science & Math Scholarship, Aaron Anderson Memorial

Post High School Goals

  • maintain a high GPA, graduate high school, apply for a job, go to college

  • to be a pediatrician it’s good to take classes like biology, chemistry, anatomy, algebra, and calculus, taking these classes now will help me for these college courses