Friday Flash

PHS recognition, news, and upcoming events

Teaching is a pandemic profession!

"A teacher affects eternity; they can never tell where there influence stops."

-Henry Adams.

This quote was part of an email sent to Mr. Warembourg this week from a former student who thanked Jasper for helping him become who he is today. As we have traveled through our careers, we have undoubtedly received little golden nuggets like this that have reminded us of why we do what we do. If you haven't will. Think about the impact you have each and everyday and, in turn, the impact that that has. That impact can be academic, financial, moral, and spiritual. In a lot of ways, we are patient zero; however, the pandemic we are creating is one of educational nurturing that allows our students to be forever changed thus forever changing the world we live in! Thank you!

Upcoming Events

  • Thursday, October 1-Parent Teacher Conferences 4-8 PM
  • PFAC - October 1-Cirque Zuma Zuma (see link below) in the HS Auditorium from 2:10-3:00 (we will not have an organized assembly schedule for this. If you would like to take your students you can; however, it is not required)
  • Tuesday, October 6 -Pictures 7AM - 12PM
Zuma Zuma African Performance

Classroom Spotlight- Mr. Proud-Machining/Architectural Drafting/Mechanical Drafting

Students Will Surprise You!

In the world of education, we tend to have trouble giving up control. I had the same issue as an educator...if I wasn't giving them the knowledge and making sure they learned it, who would? Mr. Proud took a different approach in one of his classes. He simply shared with two students, Aimee Gray and Shantelle Rule, the problem-see above-and encouraged them to come up with the solution. What he got in return was a long-lasting, cleaner solution that was student-designed and built. Whenever we have trouble defining 21st century learning, this is it! It is student-centered, student-conceptualized, and based in a problem solving mentality that our students will need. Ask Mr. Proud for details or a demonstration.

Cult of Pedagogy

Jennifer Wilson and Camille Dudrey encourage you to check out the Cult of Pedagogy. It is a blog that provokes thought and dialogue among educators. You will not agree with everything but it will inspire and ignite your teaching practices.

pedagogy (n): the art and science of teaching

Cult of Pedagogy is an online magazine for anyone who teaches anything that means high school geometry teachers, elementary school special ed teachers, golf instructors, homeschoolers, corporate trainers, English tutors, preschool teachers, medical school instructors. Teaching is an art, a craft, and a science, and perfecting it is an ongoing, endless process. There are hundreds of ways to study and practice it, and this is what I obsess about here.

Because you’re busy teaching, you don’t have time to study the craft as carefully as you’d like, to try out new tech tools, read books on methodology, stay on top of current research, or explore opportunities for professional development. I dig through those things for you, weed out the junk, and show you the good stuff — resources and information that will help you do your job better.

And there’s more. I also tell stories about teaching that I hope will inspire you, fascinate you, and show you that you’re not alone. When I was a full-time teacher, I wished there was a place where the discussion of teaching was elevated to a kind of art form.

It is my goal to create that place here.