About Me

Hi this is a flyer about me, Chloe Fangaloka!

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My Hobbies

My Hobbies Are:

Craft, Swimming, Drawing, Reading, Writing, Running and many more:)

About Me

My Favourite Food: Pasta & Pizza

My Favourite Colour: Apple Green

My Favourite Number: 11

My Favourite Sport: Swimming


I love to make cards and decorate them because it is fun to mix and match different colours and styles together and just see what happens. I also love to run and swim, I have never really been so good at swimming but I just have fun when I'm in the water, and with running I have always really been good at running because I give all I have when I'm about to start and my would so proud at me for what place I have got but even if I did not get a ribbon I would still be happy because I know I did great.

Thank You

Thank you for looking at my flyer I hope you enjoyed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)